Like many diamonds in the rough, this 51 Merc started out needing a lot of attention. Known as “Skullduggery,” this barn-find is a custom build even SEMA can’t get enough of. Ron “Bebop” Flamm, a Las Vegas resident for over 30 years, has always had the urge for speed. He owned a ’63 Impala, which was his high school ride back in New Jersey, and he later purchased an ’85 Vette.

51 merc

Around ’98, Ron met some guys from Kingman, Arizona. They had some cool customs that sparked his interest in building his own custom. Ron was on the lookout for a Merc. Everyone knows a Merc is the custom to build. By chance, in 1999, Ron came across an ad in an Arizona publication. Though it was a four-door, this didn’t stop Ron from driving over to Arizona to have a look.

The story is, the father of the woman who placed the ad had parked the Merc in the barn back in 1959 and left it there. Having sat for 40 years, it was full of animal hair, nuts, and shells; but, overall, it was in decent condition. Ron wanted something different, more “Larry Watson” inspired, no chop, just custom paint and striping. The usual tradition on a Merc is to chop the top, but Ron didn’t want to cut this original barn-find. He stands by his statement, “if you could make a four-door cool, then you were doing something.”

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