Issue 3

Three Miner Details

It was an overcast day at the flats just outside of Boulder City, Nevada. The clouds continued to roll over, yet the heat waves climbed off the pavement as we searched for the perfect shoot. The roads were narrow, windy and secluded. The location was discovered as we found ourselves surrounded by the mountains inside Eldorado Canyon encircled by miles of historical history.

Then rolling up the reclusive route were “Three Miner Details,” similar in style, yet rich with details just as the land we stood on.

Danny O’Neill
“Nothing greater than terrorizing the street that I’m Cruizing on” –

1917 Ford Model T Touring

Motor: 351 Windsor Stroker, Edelbrock Dual Quad Jet, Roller Rockers, .030 over
Frame: Custom 2×3 Tubing
Suspension: Quarter ellipticals, Carrera coilovers, custom dual coilovers with a panhard bar
Tires & Wheels: Steelies and Coker Tires
Interior: Danny covered the bench seats covered with serape blankets, Alpine touch screen, Stewart Warner wing gauges and two vacuum pressure gauges
Exterior: Flat black painted by Eddie Brown,
pinstriped by Zac Felix, ‘59 Impala tail lights

Bill Yada
Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” – James Dean 1931-1955

1932 Ford Model A

Body: Steel Brookville Roadster
Frame: TCI ‘32 frame
Rear end: Narrowed Ford 9-inch
Suspension: 5-inch dropped front axle, custom made stainless steal wishbones, and disc brakes
Motor: Chevrolet ZZ4 crate motor, 355HP and 410 lbs of Torque
Transmission:Turbo 350
Interior: Black leather
Exterior: PPG Epoxy black primer,
pinstriped by Lenny Ribaudo

Cyrus Drew
“ Built not bought, driven not trailered”

1918 Willy’s

Motor: 1965 327 with first casting Fenton manifold, three 2g Rochester carbs.
Transmission: 350
Frame: 1928 Ford from flipped upside down
Rear end: 1953 Olds rear end
Suspension: Suicide, Model A, hairpins, transverse leaf sprung
Upholstery: Black Vinyl by Cyrus
Exterior: Pinstriped by Cyrus

Photos by: Ivan Quiroz Written by: Nikki Garcia

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