Robert’s Impala

Robert Hererra was living the lowrider tradition. He was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1957, and in the blink of an eye moved to famous Las Vegas, NV a year later. When Robert turned 16, his parents gave him a ‘66 Chevy Impala. He customized the Impala the best he could at the time. It was definitely not to the extent as the one he has today. “My cousin in Santa Fe wanted me to sell him the car, so I did and five months later I got the disturbing news, he totaled it.” I always told myself, “when I retire I‘m going to build myself another ‘66.” In the meantime my direction turned to customizing mini trucks. I was winning trophies and traveling to many car shows.

Years flew by and before Robert knew it, in 2006 he was retiring. Shortly after, he did exactly what he always said he was going to do. The search to find the perfect ‘66 started. While looking on Ebay Robert came across what he thought was the perfect one. The seller lived in Arizona. The pictures looked great, so he had no problem paying the asking price. The seller even had it delivered. After receiving the car, Robert found out pictures can be deceiving. “Well, at least the car had no frame or rust damage, that was my main concern.” The fever began as soon as he replaced the engine and transmission. Robert drove the car around and showed it in some car shows before starting on the rest. He thought the perfect time to really customize the car, would be after the Super Run car show in 2008. “I wanted to keep it clean and original with a little modern flare.” A year later, through the many great hands its passed through, you have what you see today.

ZZ4 350 Crate Motor
& 700 R Transmission
Installed by Desert
Cruisers of Las Vegas
and John Chamberlin
of Sin City Hot Rods

Paint and Body
Ernesto Body Shop


Rafael Mendoza
of Mendoza Enterprises Upholstry Inc.

Rims/ Tires
Forgiato Vizzo Rims
front 20×8.5 / Back 22×11
Nitto Invo Tires

Stereo /Amps
CJ Brown owner of Big House Of Crome

Photos by Vegas Pro Studios – Issue 5 of Sunday Slacker

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