1951 Merc
Last week I bumped into Steve from Steve Pinto’s Paint Works. We chopped it up for a bit and he mentioned he was working on a root beer brown Merc for a Chicago Cub’s baseball player. I was interested, so we set a date to come by and check it out.

A few months back Steve began the Merc project that sat around for a little over three years. The owner wanted to get the stalled project going. It was moved from one shop and made it’s way to Pintos. Steve currently has over 500 hours in paint and body work in the project. The Merc’s original chop wasn’t done well. Steve and his bodyman Darwin, straighten out the roof and made the chop look perfect. Once all the bodywork was done and all the panels lined up perfect, Steve laid down root beer pearl paint on the Merc.

They also frenched the headlights about 5 inches, cut, modified and extended the Desoto front bumper. A few other trick details include the custom grill, gas filler in the rear tail light, custom fender skirts, Corvette hood locks and one piece glass.

In a few days the Merc will be sent out for the cream interior, LS motor, stereo and a new set of wheels. Many of the final details are still undetermined. Will the Merc roll on white walls and hubcaps, spider caps, steelie’s or billet rims? I would hope it’s white walls and custom hubcaps.

Once the Merc is complete and before it’s sent to Chicago, we’ll line up another shoot. Till then, we look forward to seeing more kustoms coming out of Steve’s shop. I got a preview of a van he’s working on. Green, flames, flake, hand lettering and gold leaf, clean, retro and kustom.

Special thanks to Darwin, J.R and Rebecca for the extra time and work they put into the Merc as well.

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