wall of death

“See the world’s famous Wall of Death Show. The oldest motorcycle tribute stunt show in the world. First formed in the United Kingdom 83 years ago‚Ķ”

It began in the 1920s on the road with carnivals, fans and a few dedicated stunt riders. The most up to date, reliable and most popular bike at that time was the Indian Scout. The ideal wall was twenty three feet in diameter and sixteen feet tall. Accidents, burns, bruises and blood are the risks. Cheers, fans and excitement are the pleasure.

Like many of you, I have a fond appreciation for the past, motorcycle heritage and family legacy. I came across this film by Benedict Campbell some time ago. I find myself watching it quite often. Not only is this a great story about an incredible family and friends, the quality of the film is incredible. From the use of color to black and white, the sounds of the motorcycles and the great narration from Troupe members. You are left with the feeling that you personally traveled 1200 miles to witness the Ken Fox Troupe in person.

A few of my favorite quotes from the film put their lifestyle into perspective. “My friends always stay in the same place. The stories are always the same. And I always come up with these different stories.” “You hear stories of how hard the road can be, but those stories always have a person away from friend and family. Living their dream on the road alone. When your family and friends are on that road, the thought of that lifestyle is that much more appealing.”

A life that remains the same, day to day, with no excitement or pleasure could be boring. Her explanation, made that much more sense and a part of me wishes I was on the road.

Enjoy the film, which was inspired by a personal experience from Benedict Campbell’s childhood.

~ Sunday Slacker