A perfect day for a BBQ with fellow club members, family and friends. The Taildraggers Car Club hosted a BBQ and kick back at a local park on the westside of Vegas. The playground near by was perfect for the kids, the horseshoe pit offered entertainment, Larry grilled up the carne asada and the boom box played rockabilly tunes.
Corey, aka Corndog got some burnout runs with his Model A Coupe. Check the video on his FB page.

Thanks for the Taildragger crew for the invite. We had a great time.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine

sunday slacker sunday slacker ^ Perfect day in Vegas, I rolled out the 48. It was still dirty from the cruise last week. It rained most of that day.

delow ^ Delow and Miki rolled up in the Black Widow

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corndog corndog corndog Corey and his Model A Coupe.