1954 Ford Customline

Not every Babe in Sin has an angel by their side and a chip on their shoulder. Vegas-vixen Kassia has a young family and Matt, a husband who loves her dearly. He bought her a 1954 Ford birthday gift with the intent to fix it. However, with Kassia’s unexpected diagnosis of MS and mounting medical bills, Matt’s dreams of fixing the Ford were put in the backseat. That is until Chip Foose towed it into Overhaulin’.

Chip and the A-Team decided to go all-in for Kassia. They decided to rebuild and restore the ‘54 Ford in front of a live audience at SEMA, the world’s premiere automobile specialty trade show. The entire industry was floored with the results. The four-door, hardtop sedan was dropped to lengthen the wheelbase, converted into a two-door coupe and top-chopped into a roadster. Done as all Las Vegas shows do and then some. Features include Baer brakes, an Air Ride suspension, four-link rear, custom interior by Katzkin and Stitchcorp,
a Ford racing 302 with 345 hp, Bowler tranny, full Arc audio treatment by Chad Weeden, color combination painted by Lanzini, and pinstriping by the legendary Tom Kelly and Skratch.

It’s no doubt that Kassia is loved by many. She continues to dedicate her time to family and friends. Kassia is an active member supporting Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly, the Rockabilly Rod Reunion and local car shows. Throughout Las Vegas and Southern California, you’ll find Kassia supporting and promoting burlesque troops, pin-up models and the ‘50s culture. Kassia is a fearless babe with a fresh Ford to match.

Owned by Kassia built on the Chip Foose TV show Overhaulin.

Photos by: felixgphotography.com