pin-up model
pin-up model

Model Feature

One of our favorite photographers is Shannon Brooke. She has been a big supporter of our magazine since our launch in 2009. It is our pleasure to feature her photography and Christina Andrade.

Christina Andrade

Born and raised in the Bay Area.

SSM: Please introduce yourself.

Christina: My name is Christina Andrade and I adore pinup/1940-1960’s glamour. I live in the Bay Area and I am a corporate woman by day, and a Vixen by night!

SSM: Who or what are your influences?

Christina: I am influenced and inspired by anyone who has their own personal style and who can carry it out with confidence & humility. I also look up to those who can pursue a career successfully while doing what they love, which is the road I am on for myself. My biggest personal influence is my father who is everything I hope to become.

SSM: What was your first shoot?

Christina: My first shoot was actually in the form of a pin-up party. I gathered a small handful of my friends, we got all dolled up and did the photo shoot and had great time. My friends enjoyed it as a one time experience, but personally I was inspired and hooked, and went on to do solo ones and grow from there.

SSM: What is you your favorite car?

Christina: Its hard to choose, but I’d have to say 1956 Bel Air convertible, or my godfather’s 1929 Roadster. I also have a soft spot for almost any old Cadillac.

SSM: What are some of your hobbies?

Christina: Cars, photography, bicycles, (Cruisers to be exact with my Kruz3rMob bike club) fashion, and writing (blogging, articles, etc.).

SSM: Given all that you have achieved so far what are you especially proud of?

Christina: I am proud of how far my confidence has come. I feel good about myself and hope to inspire others to do the same. There is nothing wrong with curvy ladies, rock it.

SSM: How do you prefer to spend your day Sunday Slackin?

Christina: I enjoy spending my Sunday Slackin’ outdoors on a sunny day at a winery having a glass and a good conversation with my incredible friends!

SSM: Final thoughts?

Christina: I have been very fortunate to have met so many amazing artist and people over the last few years. I look forward to growing in this industry and getting involved with more humble, kind and well rounded individuals who are just as interested in taking their passions to the next level as I am.

Photography Courtesy: Shannon Brooke
Makeup and hair by Jennifer Corona

Shot at Andrade’s Garage in Vacaville, Ca

pin-up model pin-up model pin-up model

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine