Royal Jokers Royal Jokers

“I really enjoy shooting at night, I’m not so worried about the unwanted “human” element, in time they become a piece of the image rather than an obstruction,” Doug Ogden

As we all look forward to the weekend, many of us look forward to cruise night. No matter the city or time of year. Kick back and hang out with friends, new and old. Choppers, kustoms, lowriders, bombs, and traditional rides. Different styles, different trends, but the common bond of old. Rides that leak, smell like gas and they all may have chips and scratches. Built for that reason, to cruise, to be enjoyed.

The Royal Jokers hosted their monthly cruise nights at 1/4lb Giant Burger in Oakland, California.

chevy bomb traditional_hot_rod choppers lowrider motorcycles classics

Photos by Doug Ogden

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