In Sunday Slacker Magazine’s Kool Finds photography galleries we present the latest from the wonderful world of photography. Featuring some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry. Dedicated to automobiles, motorcycles, art and original photography. Updated daily/weekly.

Nic_Kuiper ^ Photo by Nic Kuiper
 Mikael Sjösten^ Photo by Mikael Sjösten. Hot Rod Reunion in Malmby Sweden 2012
aeh ^ Camaro photo by AEH
Dima Barsky ^ Merc, photo by Dima Barsky
merc-cruisin ^ Rollin
ford shoebox ^Gabriel’s Ford Shoebox
Road Rocket Rumble Road Rocket Rumble ^ Road Rocket Rumble Photos by LynchMOB
kustom50s ^ Chopped Kustom – unknown
kutomrama ^ Photo by 2012 Hammers Back to the 50s Party and Car show
hotrod_292 ^owner/photographer unknown
Thorogood Auto Photography^ Photo by Thorogood Auto Photography
brandonallenphotography ^ Born Free. Photo by brandon allen^
Chrysler_emblem ^ Taildraggers CC
Pepi Rocks ^ Photo by Pepi Rocks
DownShift Studios ^ truck owned by Scott Peck DownShift Studios ^ Photos by DownShift Studios
burnout ^ Photo by – Rick Louie
Vintage Torque Fest, photo by Lone Wolf Studios

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