MotorEx or Bust!


After a generous sleep-in at the most lavish apartments in Sydney, it was time to get the cars ready.

After many attempts at getting the bare metal spinner running, scaring the bejesus out of an old lady, a new alternator was purchased.

It was an unbelievable, hanging out in the parking lot with some of the best customs in Australia. It was very surreal and rad. Loads of shit talking was done, one to many trips to Red Rooster and not enough Golden Ale.

Ryan Ford of KUSTOMLINES hand painted his business sign in the parking lot entertaining area which was a real treat.

As soon as the spinner became reliable, the hand sign was thrown and the sound of 20 German Tiger Tanks pissed the residents off at the sleepy-express, to our delight, of course. Terrible traffic, cheeky burnouts and the biggest smiles greeted my camera for the 15 minute drive to Olympic Park.

An amazing sight and feel to be able to see the best cars in australia being polished and put on display, a huge thank you to the Eldorado CC and the Fuel Tank TV guys for giving me such an opportunity.

Photos and story by Chris Cooper Photography ~

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We are proud to introduce Chris, he is the newest member of the Sunday Slacker Contributing Crew, also know as the “SLACKERS”.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine