Eldorado CC Roadtrip to MotorEx Sydney

Day 3

MotoEx. What can I say? It was the first time many any of us experienced MotorEx, which has been going strong for more than 10 years. To see some of the best cars in Australia on display in the one place, was really something special.

The day however, did start off pretty slow. Palms till Close destroyed a few of the crew and after finding suitable people to drive, we all headed out to Rocket Industries for a little guided tour of their warehouse. A huge thanks to the guys at Rocket for being down to earth and rad in general. A few sneaky purchases, then we headed to Olympic Park for the MotorEx car show. Cruising in Sean Hammond’s 1928 Coupe was unbelievable. We both laughed our asses off the whole time!

The evenings festivities were enjoyed at Black Cherry – No photos, just good times, expensive drinks, divas, burlesque and a hefty hangover.

Photos and story by Chris Cooper Photography ~

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~ Sunday Slacker Magazine