tiempo car club
You’ll appreciate this. I’ve been ridin since I was 16 on the scene. This is the same 1966 GMC truck I had in high school, one of the differences is it is no longer four primer colors like it was back then. I STILL have my 66, nothing has changed but zip codes.

I’m proud to say it’s never been towed to a show. With the help of family and friends, during my time on the show scene I won numerous Best Truck, Best Chrome and Best of Show trophys. It’s been on MTV, a TV commercial, local news a half dozen times during fund raisers, the LA news and It’s even made two trips to Mexico.

Cars * Cruises * Culture have been with me since I had my 73 Super Beetle back when I was 15. It trived when I bought my 66 and flew the Tiempo Car Club plaque, rolled South Central Phoenix with all the Arizona car clubs to the streets of the Las Vegas Strip.

My 66 was my daily when I was in art school in Phoneix. Lenny and I cruised the truck back and forth to Vegas on the weekends. We lite the highway with sparks all the way home. In fact we nearly killed ourselves when I fell asleep one nite about 10 miles before Wickieup.

Love and respect to those putting it down and not forgetting their roots.

Shout out to all the Vegas lowrider car clubs back in 90, 91, 92 or so.
Tiempo, Nu Minis, Royals, Vegas Knights … more to come, I need to pull pics and newspaper articles.


This is the first post about where Sunday Slacker began.

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