We came across cixpack’s work on a blog site a few months back. As designers, graphic artists and publishers, we were inspired by cixpack’s art and photography.

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Artist Feature

Name: Greg AKA cixpack or 6pak

Occupation: First assistant director in the cartoon industry.

From: Paris, France.

SSM: Please introduce yourself.

cixpack:  I’m a 34 year old guy, and I am into cars and art. So of course I draw cars, but I’m also involved in graffiti writing and have been since I was a teen. This started as a rude practice of street lettering and evolved into more of an aesthetic quest. I think I basically got hooked on painting large and colorful stuff.

I have been drawing cars for ever. I first got hooked on American cars early on as a kid after watching all those American films and TV series. Plus I had access to European custom magazines, thanks to my uncle. I draw rods, customs, lowriders and street machines. American cars are very rare in France and discovering this unknown universe was (and still is) a delight. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a vintage American car.

Another one of my hobbies is taking pictures. I take many at shows and I like old car spotting too. Every times I go to a foreign place, I spend hours walking through streets looking for old cars to shoot. I’ve taken many pictures of old cars on my interesting trips to the USA, Cuba, Northern Africa, Poland, UK, Belgium, and Asia. I do that around my neighborhood too and I almost got it all covered.

SSM: Who or what are your influences?

cixpack:  I’m amazed by all of the “period correct” hot rods and customs that are being built these days. Maybe because of my strong love for lowriders and leadsleds. That led me to discover about the cars that were customized in the 40’s / 50’s / 60’s / 70’s (or even the 80’s for the lowriders), and this has a big impact on what I draw. I prefer to draw cars with a “correct” era treatment, just because it matches perfectly with what I like in the old cars original design cues.

Art wise, I have been really impressed by the work of Stefan Majoram. His incredible sketches encouraged me to try some other ways to approach my illustrations, for example to try sketches. I work on a computer but some of my works are traditionally drafted. These days I follow tons of old advertisements and graphic designs from the late 1800’s to the 1980’s. I’m also inspired by the illustrations of Art Fitzpatrick, he’s a genius.

Since I like to draw custom cars with a 60’s and 70’s feel, photo references from those years are priceless. Howard Gribble shots from back in the days has been a major influence, as well as the Watson photo collection gathered by Rik Hoving. These photos help alot to figure the trends of these eras that haven’t been very documented. Thanks to the guys that spend their time unveiling photos from those days for the world to see.

SSM: Your favorite classics?

cixpack:  Hard to say, the 1965-1970 GM “B” platform are classics. These are some of the most beautiful cars ever built. 1965 Buick Wildcat or 1965 Pontiac Bonneville, 1967 Chevrolet Impala, 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88 … You name it!  These cars were the quintessential of American car styling. Long, low, smooth lines, aggressive front ends… Give a low stance to any of those cars and I’m in love.

SSM: Medium of choice?

cixpack: I work digitally on my computer with a Wacom tablet or on my Ipad when I’m outside. The software and these devices have improved, you can use them to create any style of artwork. The pen allows me to work in a very naturally.

SSM: What do you drive and what would you prefer to drive?

cixpack: I drive a 1971 Chevrolet Caprice 4 door and a 1963 Opel Kadett A . I’m currently in the process of turning these into a 70’s lowrider / 60’s mild custom . I would prefer to drive a coupe, like a 1975 Chevrolet Impala, a 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix, or any make of a 60’s / 70’s Riviera. But that’s just a matter of time, those cars aren’t out of reach. Even for me french guy. For example I just discovered a 1967 Buick Lesabre under a blue tarp, one mile away from my home, this is on top of my wish list.

SSM: Favorite car movie?

cixpack: The Blues Brothers, without a doubt. Incredible car chases, awesome rhythm and blues. This movie contributed to my interest in American cars. I was seven years old the first time I saw it.  I swore to myself that I’d buy a big car like that and paint it black and white. A close friend of mine made a replica of the Bluesmobile, so that dream almost came true as I spend lots of time in that car! Some day I’ll try and buy it from him.

SSM: How do you prefer to spend your day Sunday Slackin?

cixpack: I got a cool job, and no kids, so I usually wake up late. Take my girl for a cruise in the Chevy, check out the closest car meeting, take photographs at a car show. Head back home, eat some good food and then back to my nerd cave to create more art. Then fall asleep till I hear the birds singing again.

SSM: Final thoughts?

cixpack:  Thanks to Sunday Slacker for this feature. Thanks to the Boulevardos community for the knowledge, documentation and good vibes they provide to the to the world . Much love to my girl, familly and friends.

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~ Sunday Slacker