December, always a good time for a cruise in Vegas. Chances are the weather will be good. Rain came down Thursday and Friday. When I woke on Saturday, clouds were still covering the sky. Cory from the Taildraggers sent me the info about this cruise. Rain or shine we’d be rolling out.

Ben came over the pad and we loaded the Buick with the cameras and we headed out to the M Resort gas station. It was cold and windy, I don’t think anyone was prepared. I forgot I beenie and gloves and so did a few others. After a Jack in the Box breakfast, coffee and gas, we were ready.

We rolled out south on Las Vegas Blvd towards Jean, Nevada. After a quick stop and minor repairs in Jean we drove the last seven miles to Goodsprings. The Pioneer Salon is the main destination is this little town of 60 or so. After a few drinks, good times and music, we hit the road back to Vegas.

Thanks to the Taildraggers for a great Saturday weekend.

63 impala
ford hot rod ford galaxy cruise hot rod lowrider impala taildraggers car club 1948 buick broken down chevy ^ Dustin making a quick repair…or taking a nap on a Taildragger Pit Stop
cruisin kick back lucky and martha

stopsign pioneer salon impala lowrider taildraggers carclub taildragger carclub sunday slackers goodsprings pioneer salon pioneer salon goodsprings nevada whiskey goodsprings

Photos by Ben McNichol and Victor Garcia