1969 chevelleGreg Jones
1969 Chevelle
Issue 5
Magazine Feature By: Nikki Garcia
Magazine Photos by: Topher Pettit
Behind the Scenes by: Gabe Garcia

Our photo shoot the day before was moved indoors after it rained all day. We were worried about our shoot with the Chevelle. Would it need to be canceled as there was high chance of rain. As the skies began to clear that afternoon, we called Greg and Topher. The last shots we needed for Issue 5 would go as scheduled. The clearing skies and clouds gave us a perfect window to capture the back cover and feature.

When we started the shoot, not one car came by. It was perfect, so we planned on shooting on the bridge. Perfect view of the sunset on The Hotel, the additional tower at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Just then, it must have been the next hotel shift, cars flooded the road. We shut down the block a few minutes at a time to get the shots. Needless to say, many people were extremely pissed off as they were headed to work or just getting off.

Chevelle Chevelle ChevelleChevelle Chevelle

I was lucky enough to get a ride in this blown and injected 500+ cubic inch beast. I was pinned in the seat as he smoked the tires all the way down the block. As we rolled around and under the bridge, we found a perfect location for another shoot. We rushed as the sun was going down fast. Here is the final photo by Topher Pettit that made the back cover.


Snippet of the story from Issue 5 (Available here)

They say all good things come in time. That is the story for this 1969 Chevelle. Greg Jones is a So Cal native but decided to give Las Vegas a chance starting in 1994. He has always wanted to build a custom car and almost started on a 1968 El Camino. Well, one day while scouring the Pomona Swap Meet for parts for the 68, he bumped into a friend who introduced him to this cool find, the 69. Needless to say, it was hello to the 69, and good bye to the 68. “ It just made more sense,” said Greg.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine