I was flipping through our social sites and came across all these great pics.

Roll back the calendar a few years. Viva Las Vegas was at the Gold Coast, maybe Viva 8 or 9. Back when it was much smaller. You could cruise around the top floor, get free beers from the giant Tiki head and roll in a lowrider. I came across Viva as I was rolling my 66 up Flamingo. I saw a ton of rides rolling into the parking lot. Now this was over 7 years ago, pre-Sunday Slacker. I’d roll my 66 like a daily. I pulled into the parking lot a saw a bunch of old school cats. Rockabilly, old school 50s and lots of girls in vintage pin-up style clothing. This was before I knew or really understood the Rockabilly scene. I was dipping, hitting switches with the lowriders, listening to Snoop, Slow Pain and Zapp and Roger.


1966 gmc 1966 gmc lowrider1966 gmc truck

I rolled up, parked and was welcomed with open arms. I was surprised and excited. Kustoms in primer, some still dirty from the drive from Cali. They didn’t complain about chips, scratches or an unfinished ride. At this point, I was no longer showing my 66. After three years of first place trophies, and car shows, this was a nice change. Roll up, hop out and grab a beer. While I do miss, the chrome, shine and big show scene, it was nice to not have to worry.

Now, if you don’t know the story of my 66. I’ll do a whole back then blog soon. Long story short, I’ve had this 66 since I was 16. A few of these pics range in years and in few, I have my 1948 Buick. I think I got this the 2nd to the last year that Viva was at the Coast.

1948 buick 1948 buick super 1948 buick super
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