Our condolences go out to Mad Max of Mad Max and the Wild Ones. He passed away, and we wish the best for his family. Love and respect from the Sunday Slacker Family.

The first time we saw Mad Max and the Wild Ones was back in 2006 at the Rockabilly Show at the Las Vegas Speedway. I remember seeing the crowd go crazy for Mad Max and his sons tearing up the stage. You had to give respect to them for their talent, dedication and music. Not often you see a family, let alone a family of songs involved

Since 2006 we seen them at numerous shows and event

Mad Max & the Wild Ones are a rockin’ family band from Springville, Utah. It all started when Wyatt asked for a guitar for his eighth birthday. Not too long after that Cole, at age 4, asked Santa for a drum set so he could play along with his brother. After a couple of years of lessons, the two were getting really good at figuring out songs together when they got Duke, at age 4, to start singing along. Duke also started guitar lessons and taught himself how to play harmonica. It wasn’t long before the three of them had quite a few songs going down in the basement that they would play for anyone that happened to come over to the house! Max (Dad) started feeling a little left out, so Mom bought him an upright bass and Wyatt taught him how to play it. They started having so much fun playing music in the basement that that is how they were spending much of their time! A dear friend, car builder and customizer Bo Huff, of Bo Huff Customs, came over to the house and heard them play. He invited them to play at his yearly car show in Dragerton, Utah in 2006 and the rest is history! Since then they have performed all across the country and overseas.