Up early in the morning. Joseph and I hit up Hi-Rollers Barber Shop to get cleaned up before we hit the road. It’s been a while since we visited Hi-Rollers in the AM. Since they offer free Pabst, Whiskey or Rum, I’ve been trying to hit them up in the afternoon, even though it’s “Five O’ Clock Somewhere”. The Slacker crew, Nikki, Xman and Jose met up at our house on Friday after work and we hit the road. Took a little longer then usually as it rained most of the way to Pomona.

Saturday: 6 am breakfast at the hotel. We meet up with a few people headed to the show including photographer Dan Greenberg. Rain, clouds a little cold but still a perfect day for a car show.

Car shows are about the people, friends and car clubs. Here are a few pics around GNRS.

slackers Sunday Slacker’s arrive in Pomona

pin up ^ Pin-Up Models Dottie Deville Stephanie Castro and Haley Lansdell

fellas cc ^ Fellas CC

pin up

Danny D and Bob Spina ^ Danny D, Sunday Slacker and Bob Spina

pachuco jose^ Pachuco Jose

model ^ Darling Danika

cavaliers ^ Cavaliers CC

The Usuals CC ^The Usuals Social Club

the lords CC ^ The Lords CC

sundayslacker magazine