Photos by: Angela Cripps Photography and Carlos Villegas Photography

If you missed this years 3rd Annual Hammer & Cycle Spring Nationals at Sunset Park, you missed one great event. This may have been the largest nationals event to date.

If your not familiar with this “bicycle gang”, you need to check out one of their weekly rides. Bring your classic Schwinn, custom chopper or Walmart special. It’s all in good fun. Cruise the local streets of Las Vegas with 30 to a hundred fellow riders.

H&C Ladies Cruiser Race ^ Ladies Cruiser Race
H&C Mens Cruisers ^ Mens Cruiser Race

We rolled up to the Spring Nationals around 3pm on Saturday. The parking lot was packed, park patrol was kool with the large crowd, swap meet and a few BBQ grills going. The Hammer & Cycle Crew had many new events to this years lineup. Drags, Mini Drags, Bike Toss, Bike Limbo, Longest Skid, Figure 8 Race, Oval Track Relay, Mini Bike Jousing and of course the famous Hell Track.

You never want to see a bike flying through the air unless its for the XG ames or the Hammer & Cycle bike toss. Have you ever tried to toss a kids bike across a parking lot? I’m sure you have if your kid left it in the drive. It’s much harder to get the distance unless its been tossed a few times and a majority of the parts are spread across the lot.

H&C Bike Toss

H&C Bike Toss Carlos Villegas

H&C Hell Track

H&C Hell Track Mattso

H&C Jeremy El Presidente 3 Time Hell Track Champ ^ Hell Track

H&C 2


hammer & Cycle

H&C Limbo Wes

H&C Limbo Justin and Katt ^ Limo

H&C Limbo Mattso ^ Mattso

H&C Figure 8 Contest ^ Figure 8 Contest

H&C Jousting ^ Jousting – THX to Simon

We had to leave before we got to see some of the real events. I hear the Figure 8 and Jousting left a few bumps, bruises and blood. (check Facebook for pictures)

H&C Johnny Vegas^ Johnny Vegas

H&C Todd the Gamekeeper ^ Todd the Gamekeeper


H&C Robert and May ^ Robert and May

H&C Ramona,Michele,Ang,Katt ^ Ramona, Michele, Ang and Katt

We look forward to the Fall Nationals – see you at a future Hammer & Cycle event.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine