Ben and I rolled out to the Classic’s Save The Fire Truck Restoration Kick Off show today. Sponsored by Viejitos Car Club, Desirable Ones Car Club, Zack Felix and more. It was good to see the homies from all the clubs including Swig from Swig Dog Designs.

They plan to restore the vintage North Las Vegas fire truck. Found in in the desert, beat and missing a lot of pieces. I’ll post more info in the near future about the fire truck and its history.

1957 1936 ^ Street Players 1957 Rag top, Zack’s 1937 Bomb and Desirables Ones 1962 Impala
save the fire truck
north las vegas ^ Save the Fire truck
north las vegas ^ Photo of the Fire Truck in North Las Vegas
1937 packard ^ Viejitos CC 1937 Packard
DesirableOnes ^ Desirable Ones CC
Street_Players_CC Street_Players_CC ^ Street Players CC
1963ragtop ^ Goodtimes CC – Mike’s 1963 rag top Impala
62Impala ^ 1962 rag top Impala
1962wagon_desirableones ^ 1962 wagon Desirable Ones
Martys Impala
Impala_bomb ^ Al’s Bomb
 8 tracks ^ Can’t go wrong with 8 tracks
fire man

Thanks to all the car clubs, solo riders and people that showed up today. The next event is on December 8, at Broadacres.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine