Cruising Viva from SundaySlacker on Vimeo.

Viva Las Vegas –

Thursday – Roll in.
I headed towards the New Orleans around 7am. Gates opened at 10am, but I was hoping we could get in sooner. Meet up with The Naturals CC and a few others that rolled in early. Around 8:30 more and more cars got in line.

Slacker_viva_rod Slacker_viva_truck Slacker_viva_Chevy Slacker_viva_kustom

Friday – kicking it and hanging out
larry watson 1938 Chevy_kustom 1948 mercury

Saturday – the people and cars of Viva
midwest pinups
Lucha Viva
Ashley Cunninghamviva_friendsviva_modelspinup_umbrela latina pin up dayofthedead

Till next year…
memory lane 1948 buick