Rockabilly music, classic cars, beer, whiskey, pool party, family and friends, that is how the Sunday Slacker crew usually do Viva. Viva Las Vegas rolled into Vegas last weekend. I cruised the Buick in on Friday morning and our friends from the Taildraggers Car Club had a corner spot saved for us. We set up the pop up, wiped down the ride, cracked open a beer and were ready for the 3 days of mayhem.
We walked the lot, took pics of the rides and hung out with many of the car clubs. Many of the Vegas clubs rolled in deep, a few of the clubs included Memory Lane, Sin City Jokers, Taildraggers, Naturals, Bare Bones, Downtown Classicos, Los Grasosos, and Los Parranderos.
One of my favorite aspects of the show is how many of the clubs drive their rides in. Some of those clubs include Los Gatos, Dead Sleds, Salt Lake Saints, Rumble Cats, Throttle Kings, and Roadmen, Templarz, Rumblers Nomads and the Misfits.

1948 buick
chevy bomb
chevy bombs
cleen rock
chrome gypsy
sailor jerry
sailor jerry
sailor jerry impala

~ to be continued