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1966 GMC SEMA / Project Build

The plan was just a paint touch up, patterns and pinstripe. That turned into a 2 year full custom restoration.

I was 16 years old and looking to buy my first car. The truck was parked in a empty lot with a for sale sign. We drove passed it the first time as I was looking for a truck that was a bit older, like a 1948 5 window. When I returned, the truck was gone. We drove around the neighborhood hoping we would find the truck. We found the truck and chatted with the owner. He was selling the truck since his wife could no longer get in it. He added a step for her but the decision was made to sell his baby.

I was able to strike a deal with the owner and he let me make payments on the truck over the summer break. As soon as I got the truck I started to work on it. With the help of my dad, we lowered the truck as low as it could go. I replaced the stop hub caps with baby moons and trim rings. Removed the towing mirrors and steel towing bumper. The truck was a great thing for me. I had 2 great parents that supported me with school and my hobby. Having my truck kept me out of trouble and focused on school and work. I needed to get a scholorship if I wanted to go to school and a job if I wanted to fix up the 66. I cruised it to high school like that for year or so. Everyone was happy since I could pack the bed with friends and we went to lunch. Around the same time I joined the oldest and most repected car club at that time, Tiempo Car Club. I didn’t want to join a club with a bunch of kids like me. i wanted to learn from the guys who not only had some of the best rides but the most respect. The process of customization began. We blocked and primered the body, filled a few holes, rebuilt the motor and replaced the exhaust. I cruised it with 3 different colors of primer and new wires wheels for a short time. By then I installed the Reds Hydraulics 2 pumps 10 switched set up.

More and follow the build at www.1966gmc.com