In Memory of BO HUFF…

Sunday Slacker is proud to support Rodz for a Kause – The Bo Huff Thank You Tour. Thanks to our friends the Sin City Taildraggers Car Club and Junkyard Pirates for hosting the event. Last year we raised money to help Bo Huff and his cancer treatments. Hundreds can out to support a good cause. This year we continue to give as proceeds benefited the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

We would like to thank Monica Marz and La Chutita for putting on the pin up contest, our event MC K9-Kolh who flew in from Tennessee, DJ Misfit, trophy girl Lisa Luxe, CP and Bo Huff who drove in from California and the Taildragger Darly who flew in from Seattle. The one off custom trophies were created by Corndog, Nasty Nate, Hunter, and pinstripping was done by Alan of Poker Tattoo, Todd and Rufus.

We would also like to thanks those that showed up – it was windy and cold but that didn’t stop the good times. Viejitos CC, Amigos CC, Sin City Jokers CC, Memory Lane CC, Outsiders CC, Hammer & Cycle, Divine One Customs, Airth Defined Hot Rods, Tattoos by Rich, Dead Mans Hand Tattoo Supply, Las Vegas CC, Boozers CC, Martin the Barber, Tail DraggenDolls, Mindy Browne, Sanitarium Cycles, Eddie G Photography, 4dr. Kings CC, Danny and Miki, and the Taildraggers, Junkyard Pirates and Slacker crew.

Our Vendors: La Home Girl, Junk Yard Girl, Sandya Designs, Martin the Barber, S.E.W Clothing, Micholada Man, Greaser Social Club, So Vegas 702, 233 Motor Sports, La Chutita, Alan & Todd Pinstripping, Poker Tattoo, Hard Luck Kustoms, Josh Pinstripping, Big Daddy Foods, Truck Wagon, Taco del Barrio, Joanna Dodge, and Maria Dodge.

Our bands: The Scoundrels, No Way Jose, Cash vs. King and our prayers go out to Mad Max & the Wild Ones.

~ Sunday Slacker Magazine