Sunday Slacker Magazine

We are the closest magazine to the streets, shop, garage, office or party. We work hard to make each edition better than the previous. The final design and flow of each issue is very important.

Sunday Slacker is more than the average magazine; it’s a coffee table conversation piece. Sunday Slacker Magazine is the place to find out what’s happening in car culture. Cruise through our pages for events, car shows, car clubs, custom builders, shops, artists, pin-ups, music, art and the influential leaders who have built our lifestyle from the ground up. Featuring antiques, classics, hot rods, customs, choppers, lowriders, imports, trucks, exotics, muscle cars, race cars, motorsports and much more.

We didn’t create Sunday Slacker for the sake of being different, we are different. We stepped it up, using high quality uncoated paper, clean modern design, less ads, more content and we let our photographers capture the true image. No suit, no corporation and no one to answer to. Which is why Sunday Slacker can stay true to the culture, true to the scene and true to the people we represent.

No boundaries. Sunday Slacker is not contained to one era, genre or style. While our core will always represent classic American autos, we are not limited to any “pre” range. If it has wheels or an engine and lives the lifestyle then we just may feature it. We don’t just cover the best car in a club, the famous builder or the top dollar car. We are about the people. Cars with chips and scratches, people with stories and history and models with style and class.

We appreciate your time and dedication,

Gabe and Nikki Garcia