Sunday Slacker Grand Opening

Sunday Slacker Retail Store Grand Opening.

Live Music By
Moonlight Trio - Los Angeles

Special Guest
Sort This Out Cellars - Solvang
DJ Lenny Len - Boise

Featured Artists
Lisa Del Toro, Rufus, Moreno Customs, Daniel Gomez, Roman Gomez, Romans Exotic Customs - Las Vegas
Tony Avalos - Bakersfield
Bartlett Pinstriping - Yuba City
Robbie Arguello - Rapid City

Slacker Supply Co. features American and hand made goods, classic and vintage parts, Sunday Slacker clothing, art, magazines, collectibles and more. Also available, some of your favorite apparel and pomades.

Car Clubs in attendance: Las Vegas, Downtown Clasicos, Sin City Jokers, Tiempo, Street Players, Amigos, Majestics, Brochachos, Esquires, The Naturals, Los Grasosos, Memory Lane, Hard Knocks, Riderz 4 Life, Junk Yard Pirates, Sosa Metalworks, ATS, Fat Boys Chop Shop, Desirable Ones, 


Moonlight Trio, a latin, rockabilly group from SoCal.Moonlight Trio captures the sound and essence of Southern California by playing a mix of old school rock & roll, rockabilly, cumbia, Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican music performed with a rockabilly twist.