Bullies and Ballerz


A run away car and a run away monkey… and lots and lots of bull dogs.

Our 3rd car show for the day, we were on the highway deciding what event to hit next. On our way downtown we got off the 1-10 and drove to the World Market Center for the Bullies & Ballerz Car Show. We started the show with a couple of tacos from the vendor and made our way in.

I’ve never been to a dog show, wasn’t sure what to expect. I can tell you, it was hard to not walk out with a puppy. Lucky I did’t have a few thousand $$ in my pocket. We met a lot of great people, learned a lot about bullies and their history. We watched dozens of people go home with trophies and ribbons for their breeds.

We made our way out back to the car show and ran into a few guys from Mestizo CC. Al and I go way back, he was kind enough to take my date and I to a high school dance in his 1939 Chevy. An George and his 64 has been in the Vegas scene for as long as I can remember.

There was a nice mix of cars, we saw a pair of VWs, few custom trucks, classics, lowriders, muscle cars and big wheels. We missed the first pair of hoppers as we were caught up in conversation. The next hop saw a run away car, it hit the other hopper and crashed into the fence at 3 mph. No real damage, as we understand the breaks went out. Everyone waited on Frog as he went home to get his 62 Impala. Royals gray 62 lined up to the green 62. Within a few hits both were on the bumper. Not sure who won or if anyone cared. It was all in good fun and entertinament.

The crowd jumps and takes off running. People are confused asking what was going on. A little monkey was on the loose. People were laying on the ground looking under the cars as they looked for the little guy. After a long search he (I think it was a he) took off running, with people in chase. Then as everyone gasped, it went over the fence towards the freeway. Then, just as we thought he was gone, someone jumped the fence and grabbed him. A hero saved the day.

Just another interesting day in Las Vegas.