Viva Las Vegas - Day 1

Sunday Slacker welcomes all the car clubs, solo riders and music & classic car fans to Las Vegas.

We opened our Slacker Supply Co. for a few hours before we rolled into Viva. Nice easy start into the crazy party weekend. The Slacker Crew hung out at the alligator bar, ran is to many of the usuals, Esquires CC, Sin City Jokers CC, Hardknocks CC, Dukes CC and the artist Fonzy.

Beer, conversation and laughs. Relax, kick back and hang out. Then, of course off to find a early morning / late night spot to eat. I don't feel so great today, maybe it was the 2am pancakes and OJ.

See you at VIVA. We are parked in the middle next to Fonzy Greaskull's 1938 bomb EL NINE LIVES.


Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 21#VIVALASVEGAS #VLV21