Old Soul Speed & Custom


Everybody loves a Caddy, yet we see the same old build over and over again: shiny paint, new interior, the occasional engine upgrade, and lowered suspension. At Old Soul Speed & Custom, we’re pushing those superficial boundaries on an unprecedented ’64 Cadillac build, the Cadilluck. We’re revolutionizing the design beyond what could be fathomed in 1964… a cleaner, smoother body with a lower, more aggressive stance; enhancing recognizable characteristics and building the car that designers would have loved to see 50 something years ago; Improvinganicon. It’s a show-stopper in the making, debuting at Goodguys Del Mar.

Old Soul’s “less is more” mentality requires patience and attention to detail. We’re perfectionists. After years of working in high-end shops and experience on nearly 60 episodes of Overhaulin’, we just can’t regress to shoddy work. We dothe job once, and do it right. A few of the changes include- raising the fins in the rear and extending them forward into the doors, reshaping the hood opening and smoothing out the fenders, extending the 1/4 panels over the shortened bumper ends, chopping the top and making it removable.

Sponsors: Accuair, Magnaflow, Restomod Air, Choppin Block Chassis, Axalta, Kicker, Mobsteel, and Detroit Steel Wheels. Photographer Trent Sherrill (trentsherrill.com)