1966 GMC

This was the very first car I purchased back in 1992 and I still own it today. It was last completed over 21 years ago and is now undergoing a complete frame off custom restoration.




The beginning - 1991

Car Shows 1994-2002

After the Shows

From paint touch up to full tear down.

The plan was just to remove the chrome and get it ready for some flake and pinstriping. That lead to removing the front clip, pulling the motor, then piece by piece it started to come completely apart. The hydraulics, interior, bed plush, windows and all wiring were removed. The full restoration was started and continues after 2 years.

Body, frame, motor, every part down to bare metal

If it can come off or apart then it is now down to bare metal. Every nut and bolt is being blasted, chromed or replaced. There was no rust, a few dents and lots of holes to fill. It will be like a new truck off the assembly line. Fresh coating, primer and paint supplied by Lisa. We still need to remove old powder coat from the frame and have it redone. Hopefully within the next few weeks.

SEMA Crunch

The weeks prior to SEMA, we had to hunt down a few painter and come up with a plan after the painter went MIA and all the work he had done needed to be redone. We made it to SEMA. Not as a complete build but we made it.