Sunday Slacker, an independent media brand based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. With a unique editorial focus on traditional American automotive culture, club lifestyles, and social events. Sunday Slacker chronicles the wide spectrum of the global automotive experience and the diverse crowd that are reinterpreting the past: garage and shop builders, fabricators, pin-ups, artists, musicians and the influential individuals who have built the lifestyle from the ground up.

Established in 2009, Sunday Slacker was founded on the premise: Cars with chips & scratches, people with stories & history and models with style and class. The focus: traditional kustoms, hot rods, lowriders, motorcycles and classics; their essence captured through personal interaction and collaboration for print and digital communication.


Sunday Slacker Magazine, a coffee table style publication, printed on premium uncoated paper. Each issue is distinctive, covering a different segment of the traditional automotive culture. Content is carefully crafted, the center spread features a classic model paired with a unique ride. Show events, features and advertisements all flow with unity and precision. Dedicated to Cars, Cruises & Culture.



The Usual, a tabloid lifestyle publication reminiscent of the newspapers of the past; modern, authentic and relatable. Times spent in the garage with friends, cruising the blvd, hanging out at a car show or kicking back at a barber or tattoo shop. The essence of the scene captured by a collective collaboration of established and emerging photographers, writers and artist. Its just another day in the hood, the usual.




Car Clubs of the World, a global online and digital network featuring classic, traditional and custom car clubs. Chronicling aspects of the automotive club culture: the plaques that brand the club, the members and chapters that represent in various states or countries, their original and custom rides and their established history.




American and hand made goods, NOS and vintage parts, clothing, artwork, magazines and more. 

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1966 GMC

Follow the progress of the Sunday Slacker 1966 GMC.  Completed over 21 years ago, it is undergoing a complete bare metal frame off restoration. Still Cruising.




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