Misfits Inc


Misfits Inc

Washington – Texas – Nevada

A handful of us guys with obviously the same interests in custom cars would frequently run into one another at car shows, social events and gatherings. The crazy thing was regardless that we all had similar interests all of our customized cars were of different makes; era’s and styles however, all of which bad ass in their own distinctive way.

None of our customized cars categorically fit together but they certainly did look cool together.  Some of us guys at the time were in specific make and model clubs however, also admired other vehicles quite the same. So we set out to combine these cars to form our very own custom car club. Our club would be created by the uniqueness of the people, the cars of which they’ve customized, assembled and/or own. So there you have it, a group of misfits and their cars.


Now to clarify, we have no relation to The Misfits (band), The Misfits (TV series), Misfit Car Club, Misfit Motorcycle Club or any other Misfit Club that may already be in function. Our name is solely the result of a group of misfit cars owned by people that like to have a good time and admire bitchen shit. Misfits, Inc. Custom Car Club Members, their vehicles and the vehicles they appreciate are all different but have that same “style” to them.

A sick car could be any make, model or era. Bad ass stuff has no boundaries. Our interests lie with all types of four wheeled means of transport. Enjoy and we hope you see something new!
Our club is open to all makes, models and era so long as we Members agree that if it misfits but fits the style we’ll consider you and your vehicle.

~ “Live Fast, Play Hard, and leave a Good Looking Corpse”