Paradise Road Show | 2018


Aly Spengler is an award-winning, Philadelphia based cinematographer and post production editor. She began her career producing behind the scenes fashion editorial videos and small-scale documentaries in the winter of 2008. While pursuing her bachelors degree, she worked with local Philadelphia organizations like FringeArts, Govberg Jewelers, iW Magazine, and the Philly iconic, MadDecent. She then went on to produce videos for high-end luxury watch brands like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and Bulova. 

Her passion beyond documentary and film lies in the world of motorcycles. She quickly realized there was no better way to combine these two worlds than to simply do just that. She has worked closely with some of the most famous female icons within the motorcycle subculture, as well as being invited to capture and produce work for both The Dream Roll and Babes Ride Out, two of the most prestigious all-female motorcycle events in the United States. These opportunities went on to land her collaboration works with Triumph, and Harley-Davidson. She hopes to continue work within the motorcycle culture while still meeting new clients and building relationships with organizations and companies all around the world